Okay, so since this blog is gonna grow all old and dusty without posts, I'm going to make a post. Yaaaay. 
As you might know, I run the wardrobe section! :D So I'm just going to share all the outfits that I normally use. And my comments on 'em.
Free - 
Lilac Dress, Lilac Flip-flops
If it's not credited to anyone I came up with it! And this is really cool. Party dress. Elegant party dress. PURPLE. :O Looking at it begins the hallucinations! I mean...yeah. The cons are that when you're falling everyone below gets a nice v---Wait what am I saying this is a 2D game. OK! :3
Rain Hat, Lemonlime Blouse Tank, Turquoise Simple Skirt, Seatime Flipflops
This is all like Uralia. I mean it's like a Uralian outfit. Like, you should wear it in Uralia? Because Uralia reminds me of the ocean, even though the firebog is the place with all the fish fossils. And what better to go to the ocean than in a rain hat and S---EA TIM-E FLIP-FLOPS? 
Credit - (no free-for-sub 'cause i'm not a subscriber)
Minimal Glitchmas Hat, Blood Maiden Dress, Ladycat Boots
So I bought this during my first few weeks in the game with my free 100 credits and I've never regretted it. It's SO CUT-E even if it's a BLOOOOD Maiden Dress. I have a little anecdote from a while ago. Basically I was walking around in Groddle Meadow. This is a really long time ago, before Potionmaking. So I'd just learned Botany and I wanted to poison some trees. Well anyway I was a kind-of newbie so I asked two Glitchen standing nearby where I could buy tree poison. Then I gave a suitable evil laugh! I was wearing the Blood Maiden outfit, without the hat because it didn't exist then, and they were all like "YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY DO SOMETHING THAT EVIL IN A DRESS AS ADORABLE AS THAT." 

This post is pretty biased so far because I've submitted the three outfits listed above. So now I'm going to include my favorites from others' submissions.
There aren't that many submissions in Free Outfits, so I'll skip that. Free-for-Subscriber is TOTALLY Ayasta, I mean everything in there is by her, so I'll skip that. (Although I love all the stuff in there, Ayasta!) So here we go.
Credit Outfits
Red Rain Hat (10 credits) + other free stuff by Classical. This outfit looks a heck lot like a gradient and it's really cheap, too! I love the way it looks almost like a sunset in Roobrik. If we only had more orange. 
Day of the Dead Crown, Glitchmas Doll Dress, etc. by Little Miss Skorupi. Breathtaking! I actually saw her wearing this on the street and thought it was so awesome. Those flowers. Look at those dying roses. <3
Fox Hat, Leopard Claws, etc. by Dartha. This is Dartha's signature outfit! I think. Because I've only ever seen her wearing this. I think. Okay, maybe I don't remember seeing her in another outfit because if I had I wouldn't have recognized her. But still. FOX! I almost forgive them now for being so fast and snarky.

~Sororia Rose 

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