Now we have sections, namely Free-for-Sub, Free, and Credit. Every post of the Free-for-Sub, as of now, is credited to Ayasta! Thanks Ayasta. :3 

Hopefully I'll be able to make a few myself when TS releases that wardrobe preview update, the one that lets non-sub players preview subscriber items. They'll do that *sooon*? I HOPE SO. :D

So I get that this site doesn't even have a thousand hits yet and that we have exactly one comment on the blog so writing this is basically pointless, but this is also really fun so I'm going to do it anyway. 

Also, Ayasta is now a designUr Admin in the group in-game. You know...? This group. Because she's suddenly done half the work in the Wardrobe section. Maybe I should just make it 'credits to Ayasta unless otherwise specified?" I mean typing 'credits to Ayasta' and then linking to her profile page fifty million times is tiring but I have to credit her, right? Oh right I have to make those links open in a new window, I forgot to do that. Bye.

~Sororia Rose

P.S. I hope Ari Cloud doesn't get mad at me for writing so much silly stuff here. :3

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